Semalt Expert Defines World's Top 10 Spammers 2017 For You To Stay Safe

Millions of internet users worry about spam every day. For the well-informed person, any new email in the inbox is approached with caution. Statistics show that spam is majorly spread through email. In November 2016, spam messages accounted for 61.66 percent of email traffic worldwide. This means about 82 billion spam emails were circulating the world per day. It might shock you that around 80 percent of spam is generated by a small group of hard-core spam gangs.

Frank Abagnale, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, describes the world's top 10 spammers in 2017 for you to stay safe.

1.Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy is probably the world's most voluminous spam generator. It's believed to be based in Ukraine/Russia, and it uses various botnet techniques and Chinese web hosting to clog networks and spread 'pharma spam'. In the millions of spams it sends every day, Canadian Pharmacy hypes itself as the best source of painkillers and male-enhancement drugs.

2. Michael Boehm and Associates

This is a long-standing snowshoe spam organization that operates under many different individual and business names. It uses a wide variety of inexpensive, automated domains and VPS hosting IPs to run gigantic volumes of spam.

3. Yair Shalev (Kobeni Solutions)

Hardcore snowshoe spammer Kobeni Solutions is based in Florida and is believed to be a partner-in-crime of Darrin Wohl, a renowned ROKSO spammer. In 2014, Yair Shalev was ordered to pay $350,000 in fines by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in a suit that connected him to sending spam emails to consumers during the rollout of Obamacare. In the emails, he had warned the recipients that if they would not click the provided link immediately to purchase an insurance plan, they would violate the law.

4. Dante Jimenez of Aiming Invest

This spammer is working with some of the worst botnet spammers. Together with his associates, Dante uses hacked servers and phony hosters in Eastern Europe to undertake massive botnet spamming.

5. Alvin Slocombe (Cyber World Internet Services)

Alvin Slocombe currently spams using a number of aliases including Brand 4 Marketing, Site Traffic Network, Ad Media Plus, eBox, and RCM Delivery. He has been described as a "bulletproof spam host" by various spam monitoring sites and agencies.

6. Michael Lindsay(iMedia Networks)

iMedia Networks is Lindsay's seasoned host for spamming operations. It serves bulletproof hosting to popular ROKSO-listed cybercriminals. Customers of Lindsay and iMedia Networks use botnet zombies and then host spam payloads offshore. This spammer and his gang steal IP addresses space from corporations for long periods of time and use this space to spam.

7. Petera Severa (Peter Levashov)

This Russian cybercriminal is known to be among the longest operating spammers. His specialization is in writing and selling spamware and botnet access. He is also suspected to be involved in creating and releasing trojans and viruses. Severa has associations with many US and Eastern Europe botnet spammers. He was a partner of Alan Ralsky, a convicted American spammer.

8. RR Media

Based and believed to run from Huntington Beach, USA, RR Media is a high volume spam host that uses different names to undertake its spamming operations. Its recorded ills include the sending of unsolicited emails to minors luring them into alcohol and gambling.

9. Michael A. Persaud

Michael was indicted in February this year after he was found to be engaged with federal wire fraud through his spamming operations. The indictment stated that this spammer used snowshoe spamming (using multiple domains and IPs) to send millions of spam emails over at least 9 networks.

10. Yambo Financials

This nasty spam organization deals with nearly all kinds of spamming. It hacks into public servers, takes them over and exploits them to promote fake software and medication and even distribute child, incest and animal pornography. The Ukrainian spammer also claims to provide "financial services".

With spam rising and spammers using more sophisticated methods such as botnets, every internet user needs to be extremely careful when online. It's good to develop and maintain some level of skepticism when opening new emails since the majority of spam is sent through email. You don't want to fall victim of any of the above or any other spammers.